The main motto of the Perfect Body Elite magazine is to present RELIABLE information. At the same time, we try to ensure that the THOROUGH analysis of an issue is clearly explained to those readers who are less familiar with a given subject.

Unlike most popular sources, we rely on scientific literature and often enrich it with our authors’ experience. That is why all of our articles are written very meticulously and exhaustively.

We do care about continuously improving the qualifications of our co-workers, and we are regularly looking for new authors who are well-recognised by our Readers.

You are the most important for us!

We provide VERIFIED information, and you have only one task — implement it!

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The second decade of the 21st century brought a revolutionary change and made the Internet public and universal. You can find everything there: “friends”, news, music, films, and books… and of course the press. I assume that each one of us has always on them at least one device that uses the Internet. The paper version of our Perfect Body magazine, which is well-known to many of you, also had to be on the Internet…

Therefore, we’d like to present you with our new quality (not only in digital terms) magazine — here is our PERFECT BODY ELITE!

The reference to the previous magazine title is not accidental. We started with strength sports; Perfect Body magazine was largely addressed to all enthusiasts of heavy weights and great silhouettes. But the world has also changed. It is true that more and more people go to the gym, but they don’t do it only to lift heavier weights or to build more and more muscles. Now the gym is most often a tool to achieve other goals. It can be combating overweight, caring for your own health and attractiveness, improving your results in almost every sport discipline, strengthening your psyche and your own self… Probably each one of you has a goal that you want to pursue.

So we are now going out to meet the expectations of our Readers, trying to make PERFECT BODY ELITE the best place for gaining information by the enthusiasts of various sports, health, muscular silhouette, greater weights, good looks etc. In other words, PBE will become a source of information on everything related to physical activity.

It does not matter if you lift weights, want to show off your beautiful body on the beach, run marathons, play football, or take care of your health — you will always find something interesting for yourself here!

You may have noticed the word ELITE appeared in the title. It did not come out of thin air. Although Perfect Body presented a high substantive level, we decided to raise the bar and, based on scientific research, provide reliable knowledge in a communicative way.

We live in the world of ‘fake news’, where everybody can become an ‘expert’ — you only need to have a large group of followers. We are not going this way. PBE will allow you to verify news or views that you’ve heard somewhere else. Also, you will often discover something interesting that you haven’t had a clue about before.

The word ELITE obliges!

Also, from now on you can always have all the issues of PERFECT BODY ELITE with you!

You can have them on your mobile, tablet or computer. It does not matter that you’ve just missed out on one of the magazine issues. Now, you can reach for KNOWLEDGE we offer and do it anytime, anywhere! On the train, on the bus, maybe at the uni (for example, when verifying a part of the lecture you’ve just had), on holiday or even at the dentist’s.

Stay with us! Gain RELIABLE knowledge! Become a regular reader of our new PERFECT BODY ELITE magazine!